“Thankyou for everything Jill. I’ve read through everything you have left for me, and its beautifully clear. The pictures make it so easy for me to understand. I’ll start tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I’m very excited.” (EJ. Aged 70)

In capacity as both Community Nurse and Personal Trainer- working with a diabetic client post stroke. Visited weekly for 4 weeks and confident to continue on her own.

“Jill you are a joy to exercise with, so passionate about health and wellness. You made me feel at ease and have a wealth of knowledge. Thankyou so much”. (DP. Aged 45)

In capacity as 1:1 Personal Trainer. Visited weekly over 6 weeks, left with programme and confident to carry on independently.

“Just wanted to say thankyou for all your hard work. You cracked straight on and got stuck in at a time we really needed you. Thanks for being brilliant”. (AP Marmalade Trust)

 In capacity as Community Nurse for The Marmalade Trust Charity; triaging, signposting and referring clients on to relevant services. Liaising with other healthcare professionals, the council and safeguarding teams, daily over 3-4 months.

“Thankyou for all the help and guidance you have given me recently. The exercises are gentle and varied and really help ease the arthritis pain in my knee. Also, the stretches and flexibility exercises have helped with the back pain I’ve had for years. I am feeling better in myself with your fitness programme and hope to progress further with your help”. (JM. Aged 78)

In capacity as Community Nurse and Personal Trainer. Regular health checks. Focussed on balance, strength and mobility. Aimed specifically at easing arthritic pain. Visited twice weekly over 12 weeks. Client then confident to carry on independently with bespoke programme.

“I found Jill very professional. Her exercise programmes were challenging yet fun, I would not hesitate in recommending her”. (ST. Aged 85)

Visited weekly over 6 months. This lady was a cardiac referral with Heart Failure. Programme focussed on cardio improvement, strength and balance. Client confident to continue independently.

“Thankyou for the help you gave me, and your patience. I shall go ahead now and soon be walking better. So thankyou. I shall certainly recommend you to anyone who needs encouraging…..thankyou for getting me back on track.” (PR. Aged 80)

In capacity as a Personal Trainer (and also Nurse). I assisted this lady with her mobility after she sustained a fracture. This lady was extremely motivated (exceptionally so!) With a ‘patient Centred Approach’ we were able to do two sessions only, and then she was able to carry on independently, with on-line support as and when needed.