Specialist Nurse (CNS, RN), Personal Trainer (DipPT), MSc (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health). 

Community Home Visits

Specialist Community Nurse

As a Self Employed Registered Nurse working in the community I aim to help maintain independent living, for those who wish to remain living at home. This particular service is aimed at mostly the older adult and/or those who are housebound. I can assess, and help you manage long-term health conditions.

This may or may not include a bespoke fitness plan, dependent on requirements (see below). It may mean referring you on to more specialist services, or just providing appropriate contact numbers for you to follow up. I can offer health promotion and education .

Level 4 Cardiac Exercise Instructor

The BACPR (British Association of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation) works towards the goal of promoting excellence in cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation. They are the UK’s leading ‘Gold Standard’ Level IV Cardiac Course providers for Exercise Instructors.

If you cannot attend or do not wish to attend Phase IV classes in a community group setting, as a Level 4 BACPR Specialist Exercise Instructor who provides home visits, I can help. Phase IV helps you maintain the physical activity levels and lifestyle changes that you achieved during your early cardiac rehabilitation recovery phase.

Phase IV is your ongoing support and guidance with conditioning and will provide you with strategies to maintain optimal health and well-being. This stage aims to help prevent possible future cardiac problems. I can provide you with the confidence and knowledge to manage this independently long-term.

You will need referral via Outpatient Rehabilitation or Primary Care (GP). There are some ‘exclusion criteria’, so please email me if you have any questions regarding this, or anything regarding Phase IV.

Nurse and Fitness Specialist

As both a Specialist Nurse and Personal Trainer I provide a truly holistic assessment. I aim to improve overall fitness, wellness and health in a safe, responsible and professional manner.

Exercise/GP Referrals

Assessing pre-exercise readiness and designing, delivering, monitoring, adapting and tailoring exercise programmes for patients with one or more specific controlled medical conditions.

Older Adults

With a certificate in adapting exercise for older adults, I am able to create personalised programmes for those with mobility problems, frail older adults, fallers, those with long-term health conditions, and the housebound. I aim to help empower people to lead fuller lives through personalised programmes that restore function and vitality; improving overall fitness, wellness and health in a responsible, safe and professional manner.

Falls Specialist

With the addition of my nursing experience I am able to look specifically at ALL the possible causes of your falling, and ways to help prevent falls, and rebuild your confidence.

Nutritional Advisor

Offering impartial advice on diet, nutrition & health.