Specialist Nurse (CNS, RN), Personal Trainer (DipPT), MSc

Nurse and Fitness Specialist

As both a Specialist Nurse and Personal Trainer I provide a truly holistic assessment. I aim to improve overall fitness, wellness and health in a safe, responsible and professional manner.

Exercise/GP Referrals

Assessing pre-exercise readiness and designing, delivering, monitoring, adapting and tailoring exercise programmes for patients with one or more specific controlled medical conditions.

Older Adults

With a certificate in adapting exercise for older adults, I am able to create personalised programmes for those with mobility problems, frail older adults, fallers, long-term health conditions, and the housebound.

Falls Specialist

With the addition of my nursing experience I am able to look specifically at ALL the possible causes of your falling, and ways to help prevent falls, and rebuild your confidence.

Nutritional Advisor

Offering impartial advice on diet, nutrition & health.